Technology Platforms

Novintum Bio’s NoviChem platform uses computer aided drug design to generate a pipeline of small molecules (these so-called “MMDs”) that reduce mitochondrial function in treatment resistance cells (TRCs).

These small molecule cancer therapeutics consist of a drug known to interfere with protein synthesis combined with a Mitochondria Targeting Group (MTG) that selectively targets TRCs.

In vivo studies have shown that Novintum Bio’s MMDs are able to reduce growth in tumours in combination with standard of care. Novintum’s NoviChem platform has generated over 400 new chemical entities to date and six patents have been filed covering composition of matter on its lead programmes.

The NoviAssay platform is used to test Novintum Bio’s MMDs against TRCs in combination with other treatments, such as chemotherapy, to select lead candidates for development. To date, one lead candidates has been selected from the NBS001 and NBS002 programmes and is poised to enter preclinical studies.



Novintum BioScience, a cancer metabolism company, is developing first-in-class treatments that aim to prolong the lives of cancer patients by preventing resistance and delaying relapse. Novintum Bio has a unique approach to tackling cancer resistance that is focused on mitochondria, the organelle that regulates metabolism, including energy production, cell signalling, apoptosis and growth.

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