The Company has identified a subpopulation of cells that are responsible for resistance and relapse in cancer, known as Treatment Resistant Cells (TRCs), through their ability to survive stressors such as radiation and chemotherapy.

Novintum Bio is developing novel small molecule compounds, known as Mitochondrial Metabolism Disruptors (MMDs), to specifically target mitochondria in TRCs. These MMDs effectively ‘switch off the engine’ that enables TRCs to survive, thereby preventing resistance and delaying relapse.


Treatment Resistant Cells

Treatment Resistant Cells (TRCs) are formed in response to stress, either by the tumour metabolic environment (low nutrient, low O2, low pH) or induced by treatment, and are commonly found in biopsies from tumours. TRCs are formed through processes such as cell fusion and are responsible for causing tumour growth to restart leading to resistance and relapse (Noubissi et al; Intl J. Mol. Sci 2016, Clawson et al, PLOS One; 2015, Coward et al Frontiers Onc, 2014). Preventing the formation of TRCs, and eliminating TRCs when present, are expected to reduce the incidence of relapse and resistance.

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