Treatment Resistant Cell

Treatment resistant cells (TRCs) have enhanced mitochondrial activity which drives the cellular functions supporting the resistance to standard of care.

TRCs are particularly sensitive to a decrease in their mitochondrial activity. Novintum Bio has demonstrated that its proprietary Mitochondrial Metabolism Disruptors can effectively deplete TRC populations by reducing mitochondrial activity. TRCs are formed through processes such as cell fusion and are responsible for causing tumour growth to restart leading to resistance and relapse (Noubissi et al; Intl J. Mol. Sci 2016, Clawson et al, PLOS One; 2015, Coward et al Frontiers Onc, 2014). Preventing the formation of TRCs, and eliminating TRCs when present, are expected to reduce the incidence of relapse and resistance.



Novintum BioScience, a cancer metabolism company, is developing first-in-class treatments that aim to prolong the lives of cancer patients by preventing resistance and delaying relapse. Novintum Bio has a unique approach to tackling cancer resistance that is focused on mitochondria, the organelle that regulates metabolism, including energy production, cell signalling, apoptosis and growth.

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