Novintum BioScience, a cancer metabolism company, is developing first-in-class treatments that aim to prolong the lives of cancer patients by preventing resistance and delaying relapse of this devastating disease.

In vivo studies have shown that Novintum Bio’s MMDs are able to reduce growth in tumours in combination with standard of care. To date, one lead candidate has been selected for development from the NBS 001 and NBS 002 series and is poised to enter pre-clinical studies. The Company expects to be ready for Phase I studies in patients in 2020.

Cancer resistance market

Worldwide cancer incidence rates are increasing (21.7 million new cases by 2030 and 20.3 million patients will be living beyond a cancer diagnosis by 2026 (American Cancer Society, 2016-17)). However, many patients have no treatment options once they experience relapse and become resistant following first or second line therapy.

All cancer treatments suffer a significant proportion of resistance and recurrence and many patients live in constant fear of relapse. In advanced disease, recurrence rates are particularly high e.g. liver (83%), ovarian (70%) and pancreatic cancer (46%). Of the 8 million cancer deaths per year, 90% are due to cancer resistance and relapse (American Cancer Society Report, 2016-17). To date there has been limited success in treating resistance and hence it remains a significant unmet need which urgently requires novel treatment approaches.

Partnering Strategy

Novintum Bio is interested in talking to industry partners with a shared vision to support the development and commercialisation of its first –in-class product portfolio for the treatment of cancer resistance.

In addition, other drugs can be combined with Mitochondrial Targeting Groups using Novintum Bio’s proprietary NoviChem platform. Novintum is interested in collaborative opportunities that leverage its NoviChem platform. These platforms can also be deployed against infectious disease and inflammatory diseases.