About Us


Novintum Bio is developing novel small molecule compounds that interfere with mitochondrial biogenesis to reduce mitochondrial metabolism in cancer cells and TRCs, known as Mitochondrial Metabolism Disruptors (MMDs). These MMDs effectively ‘switch off the engine’ that enables TRCs to survive, thereby preventing resistance and delaying relapse. In vivo studies have shown that Novintum Bio’s MMDs reduce growth in tumours in combination with standard of care.

Novintum BioScience was established in 2015 under a risk-optimized structure that includes a Swiss-based management company (Novintum Biotechnology GmbH) and is based in London, UK. The Company has raised $13 million to date from Rising Tide Foundation, a philanthropic, patient-centric organisation focused on bringing advanced treatment options to cancer patients.

the executive team

Dr Tim Sparey

Chief Executive Officer
Expertise / Background

Serial entrepreneur. Formerly at Merck (R&D, BD&L), Proximagen (CBO), Q Chip (CEO) & Midatech (CBO); Track record of M&A, licensing & exits of >$1bn and R&D expertise in CNS, ophthalmology & cancer

Alan Wilson

Executive Chairman
Expertise / Background

Serial entrepreneur. Formerly Rising Tide COO, currently Brown Legacy Group (Principal) & Novintum Medtech (CEO); Strategy, Corporate Structuring, Legal and IP

Marie-Christine Bissery

Chief Scientific Officer
Expertise / Background

Translational scientist with experience in cancer R&D with Sanofi & Genticel. Over 20 compounds developed with 4 to market – Taxotere, Irinotecan, Cabazitaxel & Zaltrap

Dr Zina Affas Besse

Chief Business Officer
Expertise / Background

Experienced venture-capital investment and corporate/business development professional. Extensive transactional experience with Atlas Venture, Orion Healthcare, Evolva and as a private investor in early-stage biotechnology companies.

scientific advisory board

Prof Chris Heeschen

  • Centre for Stem Cells in Cancer, Barts, London
  • Pancreatic cancer, translational research

Prof Atan Gross

  • Dept Biology Regulation, Weizmann Institute
  • Apoptosis, metabolism

Prof Peter Parker

  • Protein Phosphorylation Lab, Crick Institute, London
  • Kinases, cancer pathophysiology

Prof Mike Murphy

  • MRC Mitochondrial Biology Unit, University of Cambridge, UK
  • Mitochondrial targeting

Prof Rod Hubbard

  • Fragment & Structure-based Discovery, University of York, UK
  • Protein structure

Dr Jan-Willem Taanman

  • UCL Institute of Neurology, UK
  • Mitochondrial & Parkinson’s disease

Dr John Pawelek

  • Dep of Dermatology University of Yale
  • Cell Fusion & Metastases

Prof Jinsong Liu

  • Dep of Pathology MD Andersen
  • Polyploid Giant Cancer Cells